Friday, July 24, 2009

cult me in 12

''Possibly, this is a story about moving on from a friendship, potentially sexual, which is going nowhere, due to the inability of one of the friends to overcome addiction, and function in an unwelcome world. So, "Withnail & I" is a little too vague its dramatic intentions; but, the obliqueness does wind up mirroring Withnail's character. It gives the film a (perhaps unintentional) eerie quality; it's as difficult to completely grasp what's going on beneath the surface as it is for "Withnail & I" to figure out how to exist in reality. The "Hamlet" ending is great; but, before that, some final sequences seem abrupt''


H2O said...

pasword: booze

(eng subs)

Anonymous said...

καταπληκτικη ταινια,την ειδα εκεινη τη χρονια που προβληθηκε στην Ελλαδα,εννοειται Θεσ/κη,μαλλον στο Μακεδονικο,σε μια εποχη που "ψαχνομουν",ίσως τοτε ηταν και το "Ωραιο μου πλυντηριο" του Φρίαρς,καταλαβες ετσι;