Wednesday, July 22, 2009

cult me in 11

Clerks [1994 ~ USA]

dir. Kevin Smith

''Extraordinarily funny, Clerks gives us a new look on working life i.e. how many messed up things can happen to a person in a single day and just how does one deal with these tough situations. Kevin Smith demonstrates that he is truly fearless, giving his characters some of the most offending lines that are so deliberately insulting that you just have to laugh. This is one of the single funniest films I think I have ever seen and I just wish I'd seen it ten years ago. Anyone who has not seen it, please do so. You have no idea what you're missing. It'll be one of the most hilarious 90 minutes you'll experience. Also no Kevin Smith movie would be the same without a trademark Star Wars reference. With that said, go out and watch Clerks and to you Master K, "May the Force be with you"''


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(eng subs)

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Tελεια ταινια!
Πολυ γελιο!

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simfwnw simfwnw simfwnw !!!