Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Top Ten 2006 part.1

Ποιά ήταν τα καλύτερα άλμπουμς για τον κύριο Eddie Argos των Art Brut ?

1. Luke Haines, Going Off My Rocker At The Art School Bop (Degenerate)
Eddie: Amazing album pop songs about Gary Glitter and the Yorkshire Ripper, he's turned into Denim on record and Jonathon Richman live, perfect.

2. Denim, Back In Denim (re-issue) (West Midlands)
Eddie: I've wanted this album for years, "I'm against the 80's" and "American Rock" are the best songs on it, novelty protest songs.

3. The Research, Breaking Up (EMI)
Eddie: If this album hadn't come out this year I would have pretended it did just to put it on this list.

4. The Robocop Kraus, They Think They Are The Robocop Kraus (Epitaph)
Eddie: This album didn't come out this year but I like it so much i'm pretending it did.

5. The Mountain Goats, Get Lonely (4AD)
Eddie: My favourite band.

6. The Hot Puppies, Under A Crooked Moon (Fierce Panda)
Eddie: Ian and I saw them in a pub playing when we were both really drunk and thought they were amazing,it was a lovely surprise when we listened to their demos the next day and they were.

7. Jarvis, Jarvis (Rough Trade)
Eddie: sounds to my ears quite a lot like the last pulp album,i really like the last pulp album.

8. We Are Scientist's, With Love And Squalor (Virgin)
Eddie: They are Art Brut 47, we are We Are Scientist's too.

9. The Spinto Band, Nice And Nicely Done(Bar/None Records)
Eddie: Amazing not surprisingly as they've been playing together since they were 7.

10. Warlords Of Pez, Warlords Of Pez (Trust Me I'm A Thief)
Eddie: A heartbreaking work of staggering genius.

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