Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ost Dreams vol.5


1.Aaron - U Turn (Lili) (from "Je vais bien,ne t'en fais pas")
2.dEUS - Include me Out (from "Ben X")
3.U2 & Daniel Lenois - The Ground Beneath her Feet (from "The Million Dollar Hotel")
4.Roy Budd - Main Theme [Bobby Hughes Experience Mix](from "Get Carter")
5.Angelo Badalamenti - Generique (from "The City of the Lost Children")
6.The Kronos Quartet - When our wings are cut,can we still fly (from "21 Grams")
7.Dario Marianelli - Briony (from "Atonement")
8.Kwong Wing Chan - I want to be a good guy (from "Infernal Affairs")
9.Gaetanno Donizetti - Una Furtiva Lagrima ~ L'esir d'amore (from "Matchpoint")
10.Joe Hisaishi - Hana-Bi (from "Fireworks")
11.Moondog & The London Saxophonic - Bird's Lament (from "Pineapple Express")
12.Astor Piazzolla - Vuelvo al Sur [Koop Remix] (from "A Broke Down Melody")
13.Jeri Southern - An occasional man (from "The Notorious Bettie Page")
14.Paulo Conte - Via Con Mi (from "Welcome to Colinwood")
15.Michel Legrand - La Femme Coupee en Morceaux (from "Les Demoiselles de Rechefort")
16.Ennio Morricone - Nineteen Hundrend's Madness N.1 (from "The Legend of 1900")
17.Scott Joplin - The Glove (from "The Sting")
18.Louis Prima - Should I (from "We own the Night")
19.Stephen Fry & Hugh Luries - Minnie the Moocher (from "Jeeves & Wooster")
20.Chiara Mastroianni - Eye of the Tiger (from "Persepolis")
21.Madeline Peyroux - Gettin some fun out of life (from "Autumn in NY")


1.Death in Vegas - Hands around my throat (from "Animatrix")
2.Babyloon - Pushing (from "Winter Sleepers")
3.Scared - Lucid (from "Human Traffic")
4.Bono & The Secret Machines - I am the Walrus (from "Across the Universe")
5.Cold War Kids - Passing the Hat (from "Entourage")
6.Cream - I Feel free (from "The Sopranos")
7.King Crimson - In the court of the Crimson ("Children of Men")
8.Ten Year After - I'd love to change the world (from "The Last Super")
9.Information Society - What's on your mind (from "American Psycho")
10.B-Monie - Nowhere Girl (from "200 Cigarettes")
11.Mark Ronson feat. Kasabian - L.S.F ( from "21")
12.SinGuila feat. Jacky - En Bas de ma Fenetre (from "Banlieue 13")
13. Roots Manuva - Witness (Hope 1) (from "Children of Men")
14.Tekitha - Walking Through the Darkness (from "Ghost World")
15.Moby feat Patti LaBelle - One of these mornings (from "Miami Vice")
16.Franka Potente & Thomas D - Wish (from "Run Lola Run")
17.The Age of Love - The Age of Love (from "Human Traffic")
18.Dope - You Spin me Around (from "American Psycho")
19.UK Subs - Warhead (from "This is England")
20.Marilyn Manson - This is Halloween (from "Nightmare Before Christmas Revisited")

Ost Dreams vol.5 (disc1)

Ost Dreams vol.5 (disc2)


stereonova said...

kalimera..kali vdomada !
(kai pali) oraia syllogi !

H2O said...

kalh evdomada sai kala..ante na dw pote tha kataferw na anevw pros ta merh sou :)))

Anonymous said...

Για αλλη μια φορα ειναι εξαιρετικη η συλλογη σου.Αν θες περνα απο το blog μου,εχω γραψει ενα μικρο ποστ για σενα:-)

Unknown said...

poli kali silogi,me polles anafores

Unknown said...

poli kali silogi,me polles anafores