Wednesday, July 08, 2009

twilight sad

awesome new video from a great band...

''Joining Beirut in the race for 2009's best hooker-titled song, BTW and OKX alum the Twilight Sad have lined up "I Became A Prostitute" as the second single from their forthcoming Fourteen Autumns And Fifteen Winters followup, Forget The Night Ahead. It's track two from the album that's already impressed with the excellent "Reflection Of The Television," and another sample of the Scots' uncanny knack for steam-pressing smoldering, shoegazing guitars to anthemic, skyward bound choruses. James Graham doesn't fully explain how this song turned him into a whore, but as always his vocal, by turns tuneful and blistering, gets the benefit of that good gravitas that seems a birthright to the best Scottish accented singers''

The Twilight Sad - Reflections of the Television