Friday, July 03, 2009

cult me in 02

''Cannibal: The Musical was a film based upon the exploits of Alfred Packer. Alfred Packer was a gold seeker who went off into the mountains with several other fortune hunters. A nasty snow storm trapped the party deep in the mountains. Everyone thought that they all died except one came back. Trey Packer and Matt Stone used this story to make a cheesy horror, comedy, musical. A low budget film that is actually quite impressive for the first time director/actor/writer Trey Parker. He plays the lead as "Juan Schwartz". Matt Stone and Dian Bachar also co-star as members of Alfred Packer's party. The gore is effective and the musical numbers are funny. Hard to believe that a couple of years later Parker and Stone would strike it rich with South Park''

The acting is awful, the effects are cheap, but damn its a great movie!!

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