Thursday, July 02, 2009

cult me in 01

The American Astronaut [USA ~ 2001]

dir.Cory McAbee

''Cory McAbee plays Samuel Curtis an astronaut on a mission. His mission is to take a cat to a bar on an asteroid to trade it for the clone of a woman and then to take the clone to Jupiter and trade it for the boy who once saw a woman's breast, and then take him.... Ah, don't worry about the rest. It doesn't matter, because in this movie, as is usually the case in life itself, the destination isn't as important as the journey''

David Lynch meets Fellinni and Salvador Dali in a bar and they form a rockabilly band, and that band then decides to do a musical western comedy as a small noir Indy film.

p.s to download the movie, check the comments

1. The American Astronaut
2. Shaving
3. Ceres Walk
4. Henchmen
5. Hey Boy
6. Love Smiles
7. Death of A Pirate
8. Sandman
9. Ship Alarm
10. Jupiter Arena
11. A
12. The Baby in the Jar
13. Death of Vilensky
14. Party
15. Like Nothing Ever Heard
16. The Silver Miners Tale
17. Bodysuit
18. Venus Landing
19. Venus
20. The Girl with the Vagina Made of Glass

The American Astronaut ost

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