Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ost Dreams vol. 4 (by Brainstorming)

Την εξαιρετική επιλογή των κομματιών για τη τέταρτη σύνεχεια των Ost Dreams αυτή την φορά την έκανε η
και την ευχαριστώ πολύ....Keep Dreaming


1.George Auric - Main Title ("The Innocents")
2.Stephen Sondheim - Opening Title ("Sweeney Todd")
3.Zbigniew Preisner - Childhood ("La Double Vie de Veronique")
4.Gioacchino Rossini - William Tell Overture,Abridged ("The Clockwork Orange")
5.Clint Mansell - Tree of Life ("The Fountain")
6.Shigeru Umebayashi - 2046 Main Theme ("2046")
7.Neo - Control (Full Vocal Version) ("Kontrol")
8.Tom Twyker - Supermarket (" Lola Rennt")
9.Leftfield feat.Africa Bambaataa - Africa Shox ("Vanilla Sky")
10.Sameer - Hindi Sad Diamonds ("Moulin Rouge")
11.Via Gra - Bomba ("Lilja 4-ever")

1.Michael Andrews - Slipping Away ("Donnie Darco")
2.Front Line Assembly - Sturm ("Saw")
3.Rammstein - Rammstein ("Last Highway")
4.Switchblade Symphony - Clown ("Wicked")
5.Sisters of Mercy - Cry Little Sister ("The Lost Boys")
6.Dropkick Murphys - I'm shipping up to Boston ("The Departed")
7.Thomas Newman - Listen Up ("Jarhead")
8.The Venus in Furs - Baby's on fire ("Velvet Goldmine")
9.Stephen Trask - Tear me down ("Hedwig & The Angry Inch")
10.The Specials - Ghost Town ("Snatch")

Ost Dreams vol.4 (cd1)

Ost Dreams vol.4 (cd2)

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