Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Who's got the Keys ?

Earlier this year, The Black Keys finished out their Fat Possum contract with the Junior Kimbrough cover EP titled "Chulahoma." Compared to Dan and Patrick's previous release, "Rubber Factory", the EP was a side-step to the dark-side compared to the grittty blues-rock of the band's previous releases.

Continuing with their new sense of direction, The Black Keys released a full-length album titled "Magic Potion", an album that, while its definitely the blues, goes into other areas such as acid-rock and straight up hard-rock. This display of diversity within the confines of a two-piece blues-band is comparable to previous releases as the band is comfortable moving between blues-rock, some form of pop blues-rock which hasn't been mined actively yet, slower ballads, hints of country soul, and now they add hard-rock and acid-rock to the list. While the album contains an ability to make the listener stomp their foot and, at times, shake the ol southern can, the album suffers from a rare disease; its too consistent.

''Your Touch''

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