Saturday, September 09, 2006

Waiting for..2

Magnolia Electric Co.’s new album Fading Trails will be the soundtrack for late night reading.

Fading Trails is beauty in sadness, the melancholy tone of the music couldn't change even if Molina were singing about rainbows and puppies. The majority of songs incorporate multiple instruments to one extent or another, but a few tunes are bleak solos made up of Molina's detached vocals and either a piano or an acoustic guitar. Fading Trails is a much more quiet and reserved album than either Trials & Errors or What Comes After the Blues and at times lacks the intrigue of the two previous releases, but it's definitely not an album to overlook. What the cathartic Fading Trails might lack in foot-tapping motivation, it makes up for in passion and honesty and is highly recommended for those who like to dig a little deeper for albums that get better each time they are played. (All Music)


Zeugolator said...

Allh mia uperoxh douleia apo ton kurio Molina. Evge!

H2O said...

Για μένα θέωρειται ένας απο τους πιο δραστήριους καλλιτεχνες..το ετοιμάζει ακόμα δεν λέγεται !