Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Smokey !

A man based on a plan, a plan based on a man. Devendra Banhart has announced some of the details on his upcoming album Smokey, which will be recorded this fall. He's also having a film made, mostly about the making of the album.

First: the album. He's going to record in California, with the recording of the tracks being done on on a boat and the rest being done (mixing, presumably?) on terra firma. He's also planning on doing some work in Rio De Janeiro. Devendra will be working with Producer Noah Georgeson in California and possibly Arto Lindsey on the Rio De Janiero side. He's looking to feature a number of people on the album, and some of the names he's named include Vashti Bunyan, Linda Perhacs, Cybelle, Hecuba, and Bert Jansch.

The sound is being described as meloncholic drone bummer, equatorial pop, and breezy. Devendra says it's been an up and down year and the songs on the album will reflect that, based on when the songs were written.

The film have the same name, Smokey. It will be about the recording of the album and his home life (because everybody has to see how he's livin'). This is how he described the film "It's a one or so hour collection of tours, the writing and recording of the album and images that make up Devendra's home and life, it will have sound but be mostly scored."

By: Spacelab Research Staff

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