Monday, September 18, 2006

The Peculiar Memories of Thomas Penman

Usually a good book is described as "can't put it down." I had to put this one down many times, first to laugh uncontrollably (much to the consternation my neighbors, and my office mate) and second because I just didn't want to get to the end and it be over. Most coming-of-age novels written by men make me feel that men and women really are from different planets--this one made me wonder if perhaps we are the same species after all. But mostly, there are sentences in here that are worth reading and rereading just for the satisfaction of the sentence itself, the way the words hang together and twist to the end.

Simply the best and funniest and most original novel I've read in a long while. You're gonna fall in love with Bruce Robinson's characters in this novel, even the ones who are lousy. It's so full of fun and sadness and situations like you've never come across before, and which you're going to love reading about.

What I need to do is begin a re-reading, and now!


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