Monday, September 11, 2006

Hidden Gem

Well for ninjatune that is. pop levi doesn't deal with cut up beats and turntables, nor does he do the jazz licks (well not on this record). instead he pays homage both stylistically and with his song titles to old fashioned 60s psychedelic pop music. but first a little background to this wonderful 20 minute ep.

Pop levi, (english born, los angeles based) apparently used to be part of ladytron, as well as doing the mad jazz fusion stuff with super numeri (hence the ninjatune connection), so now that he has all that non-radio friendly stuff out of his multi-talented system, he has saved his proper pop songs for this debut ep which is being released on its own ninjatune imprint, counter records
Opening with blue honey, the sound is pure psychedelia. backwards instruments, treated vocals, hand claps, layers and layers of beautiful weirdness, if you remember xtc doing their dukes of stratosphere experiment, then this ep will bring as many smiles as their records did. with a production throwback to all things beatles, donovan, with dashes of the melodic side to hendrix (a style called) crying chic, is perfect with the meticulously layered acoustic pop music making for a radio friendly track par excellence.
We can but hope, in the meantime we have a very lovely ep to spin on a regular basis prior to the album, 'the return to form black magick party', being released in 2007 sometime.

This is the Super-rare promotional video for Pop Levi's UK Single Version of 'Blue Honey'.
Featuring Levi's legendary backing group The Emergencies.
Directed by Jackie Passmore

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