Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Criterion Masterpieces.7

After seeing this movie for the first time - I remember – it was a feeling of being undressed and very sad. And yet it one of the two greatest movies I have ever seen. It tears your perspective on society apart, it shows you the highs and mostly lows of the sad broken people you see one the street everyday.

In some sense we are all Johnny, the seeker who is always running away, and if you are even the least human you have felt the feelings or acted like most of the characters.The discussion between Johnny and the nightwatch(Brian), is in my humble opinion one of the greatest pieces of dialogs in a movie script.

Mike Leigh has a special talent for telling the life story of a supporting character in 2-4 simple frames, like the young girl at the café(and if you rent Secrets & Lies, you will love the sequence with the former owner of Maurice's shop).

David Thewlis performance as Johnny is just frightening, it should be the benchmark for acting for his generation. But it is a great display from all – would love to know what Leigh does, to get that kind of performance. The ending is both logical and utterly sad, but it is true to the characters and the story.

Go Rent it now….

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