Monday, September 25, 2006

And the winner is..

The Nominees for the Canada's first monetary prize for a full length album based solely on artistic merit, without regard to genre or record sales is...

1.Broken Social Scene - ''Broken Social Scene''
2.Cadence Weapon - ''Breaking Kayfabe''
3.The Deadly Snakes - ''Porcella''
4.Final Fantasy - ''He Poos Clouds''
5.Sarah Harmer - ''I'am a Mountain''
6.K'Naan - ''The Dusty Foot Philosopher''
7.Malajube - ''Trompe l'oeil''
8.Metric - ''Live it out''
9.The New Pornographers - ''Twin Cinema''
10.Wolf Parade - ''Apologies to the Queen Mary''

And the Winner for the 2006 Polaris Prize is......Final Fantasy - He Poos Clouds !


dory said...

***** !

H2O said...

Πες μου οτι κατάφερες να δείς video ? ))

dory said...

ναι τα καταφερα!!